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Home Inspections

home inspector conducting comprehensive inspection

Comprehensive Inspection

What is a Comprehensive Home Inspection A comprehensive home inspection evaluates the general condition of the property.  The home inspector will assess hundreds of items throughout the house, from the foundation to the roof, inside and out. ...

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shocked home owner finds black mold on inspection

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Process A mold inspection is a visual & lab-tested examination of a home’s environment to determine if mold is present. It entails sampling the air, identifying any areas of moisture intrusion, inspecting for non-visible ...

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home inspector conducts four point inspection in hardhat and safety vest

Four Point Inspection

What is a Four-Point Inspection The four-point inspection is also known as the ‘Insurance Quote’ inspection. Once a home reaches a certain age, many insurance carriers would like to take a peek at the four main sources of insurance claims:...

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alt="Wind mitigation inspection depicted by hurricane winds blowing down palm trees"

Wind Mitigation Inspection

WIND MITIGATION REPORTS Wind Mitigation inspections evaluate the roof covering and installation to predict how the home will hold up in a hurricane.  The inspector will assess roof-to-wall ties, the roof deck attachment, windows, doors, and s...

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