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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection


Wind Mitigation inspections evaluate the roof covering and installation to predict how the home will hold up in a hurricane.  The inspector will assess roof-to-wall ties, the roof deck attachment, windows, doors, and secondary water resistance. This evaluation ensures that your home has been thoroughly checked at all the known water or wind entry points. Determining the stability of your home in the event of strong winds, like those that visit Florida during hurricane season, is important for both insurance and safety. It’s not a costly inspection and can lead to large insurance discounts.

homes with poor wind mitigation destroyed by hurricanes

Wind Mitigation Home Features

Wind mitigation inspections document construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in high winds.  The results of your wind mitigation report will depend on the presence of:


Home Insurance Discounts

Windstorm insurance quotes can be substantially lower with a solid wind mitigation report. Owners need to submit a recent positive wind mitigation inspection report to their insurer in order to obtain the discount. Premium discounts for favorable wind mitigation features are mandated by Florida State law.  Homeowners can receive a discount of up to 45% of the original policy’s premium. So it’s well worth taking a good look at the existing structure to note what can be done to improve the wind mitigation in order to cash in on huge insurance discounts!

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