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Preparing for Open Houses

Preparing for Open Houses

Open Houses are a Great Opportunity for Exposure

Properly preparing for an open house is very important. Open houses are a chance for potential buyers to view your home. If the open house is heavily marketed and has a good turnout, buyers will perceive a competitive environment and will be more likely to submit offers at or above the list price.  Broker’s open houses are great for exposure because the agents who attend represent many buyers.

To see your home in its best light, make sure it shines! Offer cold drinks and a restroom for their convenience, they may have had a long drive- it’s best to encourage their comfort so they stay a while and get a good impression.

alt="Home seller preparing for an open house by cleaning the refrigerator""

Seller’s Checklist: Preparing for an Open House

  1. Remove big furniture that makes your rooms seem smaller, even if it is nice, it’s making your home tight.
  2. Reduce clutter: clean off the countertops, ditch the magazine piles, move the collections to storage space, check under the sinks too.
  3. Powerwash driveways, sidewalks, and home exterior.
  4. Wash the windows inside and out, open the blinds, and dust the fans.
  5. Wash/paint the front door, oil the hinges, clean the lighting sconces, and replace the front welcome mat.
  6. Replace the address numbers if needed
  7. Clean out the closets, only keep what you need now, then color coordinate. The floors need to be seen and the shelves should seem partially empty, this gives buyers a feeling of plenty of storage. Face the boxes and cans in the pantry, wash the shelves and organize the cleaning products.
  8. Wash the light switch covers and door handles with a magic eraser.
  9. Scour all the sinks and tubs.
  10. Iron your bedding and sheets
  11. Clean the appliances and polish their surfaces.
  12. Wash the inside of the fridge, handles, and doors.
  13. Vacuum, dust, mop.
  14. Remove all the personal stuff: family stuff, religious stuff, political stuff. Buyers need to imagine them there, not you.
  15. Mow the lawn, add fresh mulch, trim the hedges, and plant fresh flowers.
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