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Final Walkthrough Inspection

Final Walkthrough Inspection

A final walkthrough gives you the opportunity to inspect the home one last time before closing.  Your agent will escort you to the walkthrough to ensure the home is broom clean condition, that any repairs that you negotiated with the seller were completed properly, all personal property included in the sale is present, and no damage was done to the home since you signed the contract.  The utilities must be turned on for the walkthrough so that a proper inspection can be performed.

Final Walkthrough Checklist

  • Any agreed-upon repairs were performed
  • All personal property included in the sale is present
  • The interior & exterior are clear of debris
  • The seller didn’t leave any personal property behind that wasn’t included in the sale
  • The home is in broom-swept condition: deep cleaning is courteous – but not required
  • No pests or evidence of infestation
  • Check for pipe leaks and recent water damage or visible mold
  • Test the water pressure at all faucets, tubs, and showers
  • Run water to test for clogged drains and flush all toilets
  • Test the hot water for proper temperature
  • Run all appliances included in the sale to ensure they are in working order
  • Test the air conditioning and heat
  • Check the garbage disposal
  • Locate and test garage door openers and ceiling fan remotes
  • Look to see if any light fixtures were changed out and make sure they are functioning
  • Account for all window treatments – unless excluded from the sale
  • Open, close, and lock all windows and doors
  • Inspect the floors and walls for damage caused by moving – patching holes from nails is not automatically stipulated in the contract


If you find that the home’s condition violates the terms of the contract, you can back out of the deal and receive a refund of your deposit.  However, the seller is usually motivated to close this late in the transaction.  So it’s highly likely that they will work with you, even if it means delaying closing or placing money in escrow to remedy the defects that were discovered at the final walkthrough.


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