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Buying a Home

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Tips For Finding Cities With Affordable Housing

As inflation rises and more Americans are working remotely, many people are looking to relocate out of state to find more affordable cities. According to the 2022 Moving Migration Report, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, and...

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Tax Benefits of Florida Homeownership

Florida attracts residents from all over the world with a warm subtropical climate and breathtaking beaches.  Aside from the lifestyle perks, there are significant tax benefits of Florida homeownership.  Establishing Florida residency offers ...

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Buying For Sale By Owner

If you are buying a home that is a for sale by owner (FSBO), you will need some professional assistance. Your offer will need to be submitted on a contract that is approved by the Florida Bar.  Don't get taken advantage of.  Protect yours...

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Budgeting for a Home Purchase

Do your Homework: Budgeting for a home purchase requires calculating your monthly income and expenses to determine how much can you comfortably afford.  You will need to assess your savings to ensure you have enough to cover your down payment...

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Getting Pre-approved for a Mortgage

PRE-QUALIFICATION VS PRE-APPROVAL A lender can pre-qualify you to buy a house after a quick conversation about your income, assets, and down payment. Unfortunately, a prequalification has no value to sellers and little value to you. Getting pr...

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Finding a Great Lender

The Mortgage Shopping Guide How to Shop for A Mortgage: Types of Lenders & Key Questions to Ask: You have 45 Days to shop for a mortgage without affecting your credit. Costs vary, lenders offer different products, and there are so many d...

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Building your Home Buying Team

Find a Real Estate Agent The first step in the home buying process is to find a real estate agent. Your advocate and team leader. Your agent will organize your entire home buying experience, ensuring a smooth transaction. They might make it lo...

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Online Shopping, Real Estate Apps & Sales Pitches

Avoid Gimmicks & Real Estate Scams Be weary of real estate websites that offer deals that seem too good to be true.  Here are a few common real estate scams to look out for: Your Home Sold, Guaranteed- or we will buy it   Yup, for ...

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Touring Homes & Open Houses

Open House Tips for Buyers Open houses are incredible learning experiences.  They provide a chance to get familiar with different layouts (outside of pictures) and see some neighborhoods! Planning ahead makes all the difference.  Here ...

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How to Make an Offer on a House

After exploring all your options, you've found the perfect house.  Now you'll need to know how to make an offer on a house.  Offers begin on contracts, usually standardized. Your agent will explain all relevant terms and contingencies to you ...

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