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Buyers Home Warranty

Buyers Home Warranty

A buyer’s home warranty can provide peace of mind when purchasing a used home.  Resale properties usually offer better deals than new construction, but the tradeoff is older systems and appliances that could require repair in the near future.  You can request a buyer’s home warranty from the seller in your offer, it never hurts to ask.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

Home warranty coverage varies from company to company and depends on the package you select.  There are plans that will cover systems such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.  Appliances packages will cover your stove, refrigerator, built-in microwave, garage door opener, and washer/dryer. Combination plans that cover systems and appliances are available as well.  Most companies offer add-ons for swimming pools, minor roof leaks, re-key service, septic tanks, and well pumps.  If a covered item is beyond repair, the home warranty company will replace it.

Defects discovered in the home inspection are considered pre-existing conditions.  Pre-existing conditions are not covered by most home warranty companies. However, appliances or systems that are functioning properly during the home inspection, but are toward the end of their lifespan, will be protected in most cases.  Systems or appliances that are installed incorrectly or are not properly maintained will not be covered.

Compare Costs & Coverage

Plans that cover systems and appliances generally range from $500 to $750.  Prices range based on company pricing, square footage, and location.  If the seller is not willing to purchase a home warranty for you, you can pay the flat fee at closing.  You will pay a service fee when requesting repairs.  Service fees are generally $75 to $125 but vary among companies.

The Home Improvement show This Old House compiled a list of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Florida (2023) that has some useful information for comparing Home Warranty Companies.  Reach out to your Realtor for advice and assistance with purchasing a buyer’s home warranty.


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