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After You Close Checklist

After You Close Checklist

Print this moving checklist so that you don’t miss a beat after you close.  Moving can be overwhelming, take it step by step.

Pre-Moving Checklist

  • Arrange for movers or packing materials
  • Notify your utility services at both your current and future residence
  • Research and contact service providers at your new residence (e.g. Internet, Cable, Phone)
  • Complete the change-of-address form at the post office, let the state know if you have a professional license, and alert your children’s schools
  • Start using up items that cannot be moved, such as frozen food, bleach and aerosols Begin packing items you don’t use often
  • Arrange for home insurance cancellation & a new insurance policy for your new home
  • Store important documents such as birth certificates, medical records, legal/financial papers in a safe place that will not get lost in the move
  • Donate or sell items that you do not wish to move (save the receipts for tax deductions)
  • Pack an essentials bag (in case you don’t unpack right away)
  • Measure furniture and come up with a plan on where you want everything in the new home.
  • Empty and defrost the refrigerator (dry it out and keep the door propped open so mold does not grow).
  • Clean your current living space leave it better than you found it, “Moving Karma!”
  • Give your landlord/new owner your new address in case he/ she needs to forward stray mail.


Post-Moving Checklist

  • Clean your new home
  • Change the locks to outside doors and make sure all windows lock properly
  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries, if needed
  • Be sure that all utility services are turned on and in your name (Electric, Gas, Water, Basin and Drainage, Garbage, etc.)
  • Arrange times for cable and internet providers to come and install
  • Change your address on your bank accounts, credit cards, driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter’s registration, etc.
  • Notify your employer of your new address and new local tax ID
  • Store all of your home’s closing documents in a safe place
  • Find and store manuals for the home’s appliances and systems
  • Store important documents such as birth certificates, sales records, legal/financial papers in a safe place that will not get lost after the move
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Unpack and enjoy your new home!


Go to Real-ativity’s Featured Cities page and visit the “Community Connection” tab in your city to find contact information for cable providers, utility companies, voter registration, the nearest DMV, city hall, permit processes, city hall, public transportation, and other community services.

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