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What’s a Villa?

Italian Villa

The term villa originated in ancient Rome to describe an upper-class country home.  This elusive term has evolved over time and is used to describe very different types of homes throughout the world.  In Italy, a villa is a luxurious home with ample square footage situated on an expansive lot often with a courtyard and breathtaking views of the countryside or the sea.

alt="Historic Italian villa with a steeple situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean"


Villas in the United States

In the United States, villas are affordable single-story dwellings that can be detached or attached (sharing wall(s) with other units). Villas are popular in gated, cookie-cutter communities throughout South Florida. Most of these neighborhoods are governed by homeowner’s associations that charge maintenance fees and require residents to follow the rules and regulations enforced by the association’s board of directors.


alt="Villas in the Unites States with a Mediterranean architectural design in a tropical setting with a sparkling community pool"

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