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Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal RefreshPotential buyers formulate a first impression of a home from the outside.  This is why creating an attractive, pleasant, and meticulously manicured exterior is of great importance while you get your home ready to sell.  Before you put your home on the market make sure you are maximizing its appeal by refreshing the landscape and making your home inviting. CURB APPEAL IS REAL!  Here are 10 quick things you can do to improve your curb appeal quick:

  1. Trim the trees & hedges
  2. Use an electric edger to make the lines that border streets, sidewalks and driveways clean
  3. Add fresh mulch in green beds and around trees
  4. Powerwash driveway and sidewalks
  5. Plant fresh flowers
  6. Repair and paint fence
  7. Make the entry welcoming with potted plants
  8. Paint, replace or plant around the mailbox
  9. Paint the front door, wash doorknobs & wash windows
  10. Add a new welcome mat
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