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Common Membership Dues

Country club membership fees vary widely.  If you’re not able to locate the fee schedule online, reach out to your real estate agent or contact the membership department at your country club of interest.  To assess the overall cost of country club living, it’s important to consider both membership fees and HOA dues.

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Common Country Club Memberships Types & Fees

Many country clubs in South Florida offer golf, tennis, and social memberships for individuals or families.  You can expect to pay initiation and application fees to join a country club.  Equity memberships will allow you to get a refund for a large percentage of your initiation fee.  While nonequity options don’t entitle you to a refund when you resign from the club.  The cost of the annual membership will depend on the level of amenities offered as well as the membership type that you select.  You may be subject to an annual dining minimum that would require you to spend a minimum amount in the club’s restaurants every year.  Some clubs charge additional fees for miscellaneous items such as locker rentals and bag storage.

If you are an avid golfer, you may actually save money by joining a club.  Track your monthly golf expenses to compare your current expenditures to the cost of membership.  If you enjoy a country club setting but only golf on occasion, you should consider a social membership.  Social memberships usually give you access to all the club amenities except for the golf course.

Some Important Considerations When Joining a Country Club

  • Is the club private or semi-private?  Private clubs tend to be more expensive because there is no public revenue being generated.  There is a trade-off of course as semi-private clubs tend to be more crowded, making it harder to book a tee time and putting more wear and tear on the club.
  • How old is the club?  If there is a major renovation on the horizon, you could be subject to a special assessment to cover the cost.
  • Equity vs Nonequity membership:  This will have a huge impact on your responsibilities should you decide to resign from the club.
  • Resale: Look at the current listings in the community.  Will you be able to sell quickly should you decide to move on?
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