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55+ Rules & Regulations

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Age Restrictions Vary in 55+ Communities

The Housing for Older Persons Act, known as HOPA, requires at least 80% of households in a 55 plus community to include one resident that is 55 years or older. However, The Department of Housing and Urban Development doesn’t govern how associations deal with the remaining 20% of households. You must refer to the association’s governing documents to figure out age restrictions for the remaining 20%. Restrictions on minors vary from community to community. Be sure to read the Rules & Regulations in 55 and over communities before committing to a purchase.

Will the Rules & Regulations be a Good Fit for Your Lifestyle?

The Rules & Regulations will give you important insight into the lifestyle afforded in the community. Maybe you’re looking forward to swimming in the pool with your grandchildren, but the association won’t allow minors in the common areas.  You pick a home with a large front yard because you love gardening, but the association takes care of the landscaping and you won’t permit you to plant flowers or trees.  You have a distinctive style and might want to paint your house a color that is not approved by the architectural review board.  The association can regulate what type of vehicle you can park in the community, how long visitors can stay, what improvements you can make to your home, and much more.  There are many perks to moving to a Florida 55+ community, but you need to know how the rules and regulations are going to impact you.

How to Find Rules & Regulations for 55+ Communities

You might be able to find the Rules & Regulations on the association’s website.  However, some communities only allow current residents to access HOA documents online.  Real-ativity provides in-depth HOA information whenever possible.  If you can’t find the association information you are looking for on our site, reach out to us at (561) 560-9995.

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